Reinhard-Karl Üblacker wants to start professional sport from scratch at the advanced age of 51 to become a senior professional

Bad Griesbach, 23 August 2022 – Reinhard-Karl Üblacker from Mühldorf is a golf amateur and would like to become a golf pro. The special thing about his project: He is 51 years old and has only had his handicap for two years. Nevertheless, he has an almost unbelievable goal in mind for 2023: He wants to go on the Pro Golf Tour. With consistent training and the support of Head Pro Denis Prössel and Head Physio Artur Frank, he gives everything to achieve this goal.

At the age of 51, which is advanced for professional sport, starting from scratch to become a senior professional is not an every day occurrence. Normally, the future golf pros start their careers in childhood. As is usual in competitive sports, the same applies to golf: The earlier you start training, the better. The highly motivated golfer doesn’t let that stop him: “Especially for the senior class, I’m at the best age to learn everything in four years that others often needed more than 20 years to do.”

The ambitious amateur completed his first tee off on the golf course in June 2020. He already had the handicap in his pocket the following month. The pace at which he made his way in golf was high right from the start. The goal of appearing on the Pro Golf Tour in 2023 is therefore not surprising. The Pro Golf Tour is a series of tournaments that includes pros (short for professional golfers), newcomers to the professional game and top amateurs who want to break into the playing pro game. An ambitious goal requires a professional team that accompanies the unusual golfer on his way to becoming a senior professional. Head Pro Denis Prössel himself was a playing pro for several years. He is responsible for the technique and the varied training of the highly motivated golfer. Chief Physio Artur Frank takes over the work away from the golf course. He is a respected physiotherapist in the world of golf and coaches golf pros on the European Tour. Among other things, he deals with the subjects of mobilization and nutrition.

You only got your handicap in 2020 and you want to develop from an amateur to a senior professional at the age of 51 – is that possible? This is not an obstacle for Reinhard-Karl Üblacker. Anyone who knows him knows that he achieves his goals. He doesn’t have a plan B. He doesn’t think he needs it either. Together with his team, he gives 100 percent. He is fit and has what it takes to be a professional. He has no doubts that he will implement his plan. “It’s just a matter of time,” he says. He has time until the Pro Golf Tour 2023.

The fact that many don’t trust him does not bother the Austrian living in Bavaria. On the contrary, it drives him. Finally, he wants to show what is possible: Starting a golf career at his age. To set yourself big goals even at 51 and to make it from golf amateur to senior professional without any previous experience. Together with his team, he does everything in his power to successfully implement this project.